Tatjana Golembievskaya (1936) was born in Kiev. She graduated from the Kiev State Institute of Art in 1962, where her tutors were V. Kostetsky, K. Trohimenko and S. Hrihorieva.

She lectured at the Kiev State Institute of Art (1984). She is a People’s Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1986), a member-correspondent in the USSR Academy of Art (1988). Is a N. Ostrovsky Lenin Komsomol Prize laureate (1968), the Ukrainian State Academy of Art member of the board (1977) and academician. The artist works in the field of the easel painting and is supposed to be a good hand at landscape, still life and genre painting.

Poltava, 2006
Oil on canvas; 75 х 140 cm
My garden, 2001
Oil on canvas; 72 х 42 cm
Christmas in Paris, 2005
Oil on canvas; 70 х 90 cm
My garden, 2005
Oil on canvas; 80 х 60 cm