Olkhov Vladimir (1956) - ukrainian painter, master of landscape. Born in Sevastopol. Graduated from the Crimean AI named after Samokish N. (1980), a teacher at the specialty - Honored Artist of Ukraine L. Balkind. Since 1980 participates in art exhibitions. In 1985-2001 was held 5 solo exhibitions in the Crimea. In 1991 - personal exhibition in Russia. NUAU member since 1990. Since 1998 annually takes teach in the Ukrainian open-airs. Lives and works in Sevastopol. Work is represented in private collections in Ukraine, USA, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Turkey.

Oil on cardboard; 50 х 70 cm Oil on canvas; 60 х 80 cm Oil on cardboard; 55 х 85 cm Oil on canvas; 60 х 90 cm
Oil on canvas; 60 х 80 cm Oil on canvas; 75 х 65 cm