Yosep Bokshai (1891-1975) was a distinguished Ukrainian painter and teacher who was born in Kobyletska Poliana, an urban-type settlement in Zakarpattia Oblast.

He is known to be a painter of landscapes, religious compositions, portraits. He was a People’s Artist of the USSR since 1963, a member-reporter of Art school of the USSR since 1958. Studied in Budapest Arts school where his tutor was I. Reves (1910-1914). Since 1918 he worked in Uzhhorod. Together with A. Erdely he organized the first exhibition of the trans-Carpathian painters in 1921 and foregrounded Uzhhorod Art School in 1927. He initiated the establishment of the Association of Pidkarpatska Rus fine art workers in 1931. The artist also lectured at Uzhgorod State Arts and Crafts College (1945-1957) and at Lvov State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art (1951-1957). Lived and worked in Uzhhorod.

Embankment Uzhgorod, 1940
Oil on canvas; 52 х 122 cm
Shcherbin, 1936
Oil on canvas; 100 х 110 cm