Stephan Kolesnikov (1879-1955) was a Ukrainian artist and landscape painter. He was born in Adrianopol in currently Luhansk Oblast.

His first tutors were icon painters. He studied at the Odessa Art School under K. Kostandi and H. Ladyzhenski (1897-1903), at the Saint Petersburg Art School under I. Repin, V. Makovski and A. Kiselyov (1903-1909). After graduating from the art school he received a title of artist and a grant for overseas travel (1910-1912). Since 1905 he actively participated in exhibitions of Peredvizhniki (the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions) and of Art School. He was a member of the Society of South Russian Artists and the A. Kuindzhi Society of Artists. He received a gold medal on the 10th International Exhibition in Munich in 1909. His works of art were successfully exhibited in his personal exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Belgrade, Paris and Prague. He lived in Saint Petersburg, Odessa, and Belgrade (after 1920) where he was a professor of the Belgrade Art School.

Plywood, oil; 40 х 50 cm