Natalia Markova (1911 -?) Natasha Markoff. The artist emigration, the author of landscapes and genre scenes.

Born in Kharkov in a wealthy merchant family. In 1920 together with his parents emigrated to Constantinople, and eventually moved to Tunisia. In 1928 - 1932 she studied at the Art Center of teaching in Tunisia. Since 1932 participated in the Tunisian interior, from 1937 - member of the cabin, from 1958 - member of the jury, exhibitor shows French Africa in Paris. In 1973, a solo exhibition in the Tunisian interior, in the same year was awarded the prize II Pavone d`Oro in Rome. Many traveled to Italy, Switzerland and France. She taught painting in his own studio in Tunis. In 1982 she moved to France, settled near Paris, continued to paint and participate in numerous art exhibitions.


Mediterranean Sea, 1970-th
Oil on canvas; 83 х 118 cm