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At the end of 2016 within the joint cultural conference Ukraine-China, Galerie Les Noms organized and represented the art exhibition of many famous Ukrainian artists for the Chinese delegation. The exhibition included such famous artists as Zinaida Gauyduk, Bondero, Peter Boyko, Albina Yaloza, etc.

Conferees expressed the admiration and interest in the Ukrainian art. One of them is Wu Weishan (Director of National Art Museum of China), who is an amazing sculptor and a great person. We discussed many future projects of the Ukrainian art in the leading Chinese museum.

We also had a productive conversation with the vice-president of "Chinese-Ukrainian friendship association" Liu Yudan and organizer of the international cultural project "Silk Way", Pang Yikong.

It was discussed the main areas of future cooperation which are very important for the strengthening and development of the friendly and partner relations between Ukraine and China.

The visitors could also enjoy the Ukrainian national dance performances, the most impressive was the performance of the children's dance group "Zerniatko".