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Charity auction of the All-Ukrainian public initiative “PEOPLE to PEOPLE” took place October 1, 2019, in the Museum of History of Kiev with the support of the art gallery “Galerie Les Noms.”

The purpose of the auction is to raise funds for the arrangement of children's rooms in medical institutions of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions

Thanks to the joint efforts of the public initiative “People to People”, “Galerie Les Noms” art gallery, artists, businessmen, public, philanthropists and not indifferent people, the initiative makes an important contribution to overcoming the crisis in the East of Ukraine and the revival of Donbass for the return of people to a peaceful, full life, restoration of faith in future.

The lots presented at a charity auction allow to penetrate the unique spiritual world of our country. The works of Ukrainian artists show the authenticity of our art, how our country is rich of talented and creative people.

For this purpose, gallery specialists selected for the auction 75 rare collectible paintings to  satisfy the tastes lovers of classical and contemporary art. The selection of lots contains high-quality works of art by representatives of leading art centers of Ukraine - Kiev, Odessa, Uzhgorod, Donbass, Crimea.

A multi-faceted selection of lots includes works by famous Ukrainian classical artists of the XX-XXI century: Joseph Bokshay, Yakov Basov, Nikolai Glushchenko, Viktor Zaretskiy,Fedor Zakharov, Andrey Kotska,Fedor Manail, Sergei Shishko, Erno Erb, contemporary authors - Irina Berezhko, Vadim Bondarenko,Igor Gubskiy,Andrey Chebotaru, Vladislav Sherishevsky, Albina Yaloza, and many other eminent artists.