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The exhibition “The Magic of the Brushstroke: Dialogue of Two Geniuses” is open for visiting from 17.01 till 16.02.2020 at The Kyiv History Museum, 7, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Str., 3rd floor. The exhibition contains more than 100 graphic works of two modern geniuses, Ivan Marchuk and Nikolai Novikov.

The project is organized by the Kyiv History Museum in collaboration with the “Galerie Les Noms” International Art Gallery.

Ivan Marchuk – the living legend of Ukrainian art and the People’s Artist of Ukraine. He is the only Ukrainian artist recognized by the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome as a member of the “Golden Guild.” In 2007, The Daily Telegraph included Ivan Marchuk in its top 100 geniuses of our time because of his multidimensional pictures of the Universe. His paintings are ahead of their time; he determines trends and develops perspectives of the post-industrial civilization.

Nikolai Novikov – a gifted marginal and a genius homeless Artist who became a cult character and a legend for several generations. He is Picasso and Scheele in one person, and was called a genius who influenced the transformation of the public consciousness. Nikolai Novikov’s works have disturbed the minds of viewers for almost half a century. His original way of thinking, unique brushwork, composition and technical excellence, and the stylistic diversity of approaches are surprising and admirable. He has created his own ideological system - born in naivety, but aimed at the long term.