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Galerie Les Noms and #saveuachild initiative are proud to announce the Ukrainian seasons of Modern art in EU House in Riga. We organise this initiative to support Ukrainian newborns and their mothers survive Russia's war. All funds raised go towards delivering emergency medicines to regional maternity, perinatal and neonatal hospitals in Ukraine, namely Zhytomyr Perinatal Center. This maternity hospital is the only institution in the region of 1,2 million people that provides specialized obstetric and neonatology care for moms and babies. Every year 2.600 children are born in the hospital, including up to 100 babies with extremely low birth weight requiring neonatal care.

On February 24, 2022 Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. On March 1, 2022 Zhytomyr Perinatal Center was stuck by the Russian missile fire. Multiple maternity wards were seriously damaged. The Russian shelling left the hospital with smashed windows, damaged doors and broken critical equipment. At the time of the attack 45 pregnant women and 18 newborns were evacuated to the basement, a technical space for water and electricity supply. 

The hospital has been operating in severely compromised conditions for nearly three months. We use the available facilities to handle up to 10-15 births per day. But, the number of difficult cases and premature deliveries has increased. There are more expectant mothers delivering prematurely due to extreme stress and hardship during the war. At the same time the number of displaced pregnant women coming to our hospital from other regions (Donbas, Sumy, Lugansk) is increasing. 

The medical facility lacks basic equipment as it was damaged during the Russian shelling of the facilities. The doctors and nurses still heroically continue fulfilling their duties providing medical aid around the clock at the hospital. But, we want to help more Ukrainian babies and mothers survive the war. The hospital requires a portable mobile X-Ray machine worth approx EUR 90.000,-. The doctors, and nurses and all Ukrainian mothers and babies born in the hospital would be eternally thankful if your fine company could help us acquire such critical equipment.