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The international gallery “Galerie Les Noms” and the Charity Foundation “ Patrons of Ukraine” work together to help Ukrainian women and children affected by war.

From October 6 to November 3, a charity exhibition and sale of paintings by Ukrainian artists called "The children of war" will be held at the Small Guild Hall (Amatu street 5, Riga) with the support of the Riga City Council. 

The aim of the event is to raise funds to help war-affected women and children in Ukraine.

"At the moment the fund is supporting 5 Ukrainian families, including 2 family-type children's homes, where more than 20 children are being brought up. The homes of these large families were destroyed during shelling, and in one of them the father died trying to put out a fire on the roof of the house, which was caused by a shell hit. - says the exhibition organizer, Ukrainian artist Mariia Volina.

Depending on the painting, a percentage of its value will go to charity - from 30 to 100%. In addition, the buyer will be able to choose which family he or she wants to help.

The exhibition will feature the works of renowned Ukrainian artist, painter Zinaida Gaiduk (1937-2012), a master of landscape and still life. Her expressive, decorative works are of interest for collectors and will be a worthy decoration of the living or working space.

The work of young Ukrainian artist Mariia Volina can be attributed to the genre of contemporary avant-garde. The exhibition features several works dedicated to the war in Ukraine and the problems of refugees. The artist's work "The Children of war"  is the headliner of the exhibition.