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On the 18th of December, InterContinental Kiev and Galerie Les Noms held an opening of the remarkable exhibition "Generous Nicolas" of a unique greek artist Alexandros Kagias.

Alexandros Kagias was born in Krioneri, which is part of the city Thessaloniki. He developed a passion for painting when he was younger. When he was a high school student, the hagiographer Nikolaos P. Georgiadis urged him to come in his scriptural workshop in Egnatia. There he completed his knowledge close to Mr. Xristofani Boutsina. After his military service in the 1980s, he got married to his teacher's daughter Sofia Georgiadis and they got two boys. From 1972 until 1992 he was painting and working in the scripting of many temples-churches in various cities such as (Reumatokratousa (Sozopoli), Saint Dionisios (Kastoria), Anastasi and Saint Marina (Thessaoliniki), Saint Athanasios (Mikrokampo) as well as in the cities of Kozani, Grevena, Sindo, Liti and Filadelfia of Thessaloniki). In 1982 he was presenting his work in EOMMEX and in 1989 he was showing his arts in the City of Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki.

In the same year he did an individual exhibition in the gallery "Good Arts" in Thessaloniki and in 1992 he took part in the Shipping Week of Thessaloniki. In 1995 he was presenting his work in the Macedonia University and in 2002 in the bar gallery"Outopia" with the general title<>. In the same year the unveiling of the mural, with the topics "Saint Dimitrios" and "Thessaloniki", took place at the Officer’s Club of Thessaloniki, where you can also find a mural of the Paleon Patron Germanos with the banner of revolution (35 and 25 square meters respectively). He was teaching painting in the X.E.N. of Thessaloniki and in different primary schools of the city. His arts are in possession of private collections in Greece and abroad. One of his paintings was also hung up in the presidential palace. He is also a member of the SKETBE.