Yakov Basov (1914-2004) was born in Simferopol. He was engaged in the work of academician Nikolai Samokish’s studio.

The artist graduated from Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. He was a Ukrainian Painters Union member and a participant of exhibitions since 1935. In 1938-1940 he lived in Saint Petersburg and since 1946 – in the Crimea. Was a member of the Great Patriotic War. Since 1958 was a member of the Ukrainian State Painters Union. Was a board member of the Ukrainian State Painters Union organization in the Crimea. Ya. Basov mainly worked in the sphere of a landscape, particularly watercolor. Since 1978 he became an Honored Artist of Ukraine. He was given a title of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea State Prize laureate in 1997. Yakov Basov was called a popular person of the year and his biography was filled into the collected stories about the Crimean well-known people’s lives From Spirits To Eternity in 2000. On the basis of the paintings collection that he presented to the city, a municipal museum of the artist’s paintings was founded. Since 2004 he became a People's Artist of Ukraine. He had his personal exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Feodosiya, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Yalta and Alupka. Basov’s paintings were bought by thirty museums of the former USSR. The painter’s works of art can be found in private collections in Hungary, Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Canada, and Turkey.

Coastal waves
Oil on canvas; 87 х 143 cm
In Simeize, 1985
Watercolor on paper; 55 x 60 cm 
Ukraine. Evening in the village, 1983
Watercolor on paper; 50 x 60 cm  
Yalta Summer, 1992
Watercolor on paper; 50 x 56 cm  
Boats on the Beach, 1978
Watercolor on paper; 41 x 52 cm
The Return of putina, 1979
Watercolour; 50 x 60 cm
Calm at Sea, 1976
Watercolor on paper; 43.5 x 61 cm 
Red yacht, 1978
Watercolor on paper; 43 x 55 cm 
Before the regatta, 1979
Watercolor on paper; 42 x 50 cm
Summer Day, 1993
Watercolor on paper; 56 x 60 cm
Blue Bay, 1988
Watercolor on paper; 55 x 60 cm