David Burliuk (1882-1967) was a Ukrainian and Russian painter, graphic artist, poet, author, an artistic critic. He was born in khutor (rural locality) Semyrotivka, Sumy Oblast.

He studied at the art schools in Kazan and Odessa (1898-1901), as well as at the Royal Academy of Art in Munich where his tutor was Wilhelm Diez and at the Paris workshop École de Bazar under an artist F. Cormon (1902-1905). Since 1907 he regularly took part in exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, in provinces and abroad. In 1909 he entered the Odessa Art School again and graduated. In 1910 he entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. He worked in the field of the book graphics and scenography. D. Burliuk organized the group of “budetlian” (1909-1910) where young poets and painters who denied the canons of symbolist aesthetics were gathering. He is recognized to be the father of the Russian Futurism. He also initiated the Futurist group Hylaea (1910-1913). In 1918 he went to the Far East. He lectured in different cities of Siberia, organized exhibitions in Harbin. Later the artist lived in Japan and the USA, was engaged in painting and literature. His works of art can be found in many Russian museums.

Hardboard, oil; 34.2 x 50.5 cm 
Still Life with fallen petals
Canvas on cardboard, oil; 45.5 x 35.3 cm
Landscape with palm tree
Canvas on cardboard, oil; 40 x 50 cm