Zinaida Gayduk (1937-2012) - a Ukrainian paintress of the latter haft of the 20th century.

Only a true artist can gain a deep insight of and never cease to praise the beauty of everything that surrounds him. Zinaida Gayduk is one of such true artists. Her love of the native land is reflected in her artistic legacy. It is particularly felt in the stretched-out panoramic views of Dnieper and Khortytsia, as though painted with her heart. She was particularly enthusiastic about painting profoundly lyrical still lives with flowers, where her own unique color perception amalgamated with the traditions of postimpressionism.

Analysis of Zinaida Gayduk’s oeuvre allows us both to trace how her painting manner and style were formed and to give an eye to the influence and creative pursuits of the Zaporizhzhian school of painting, which at that very point laid the groundwork of its painting language.

Individual creative manner of Zinaida Gayduk is characterized by ornamentality. Generalization of forms, value of colors – all this imparts a particular expressiveness to her paintings which emphasizes the Zinaida’s affiliation with the studio of Georgiy Kolosovsky, an outstanding painter who directly influenced the establishment of artistic center.

Although the paintress had lived all her live in Zaporizhzhya and almost never moved from this city, she delicately caught and expressed the intonation of the Ukrainian culture and wholly concentrated on the quest for the beautiful. Despite the life of hardships and personal tragedies, all her oeuvre is saturated with this sense of beauty. Zinaida Gayduk was overwhelmed with an irrepressible thirst for creation, which she outpoured in painting and in poetry.