Vladimir Filatov (1930) was born in Solomino in Kursk Oblast, Russia. He participated in the Great Patriotic War. The artist graduated from N. Krupskaya Correspondence State University of Art (1968).

He has been living and working in Yevpatoria since 1954. He is a member of Ukraine State Painters Union (1984). He has been participating in numerous republican and all-USSR exhibitions since 1958 and is a laureate of the Annual municipal contest prize “Public recognition of Yevpatoria” (2007). Is an Honoured Artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (2001). Vl. Filatov is considered to be one of the most well-known Crimean painters of the post-war period. He lives and works in Yevpatoria. His works of art can be found in museum and private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Poland, France, Norway, Germany, Japan and other countries.

Blue day, 1986
Hardboard, oil; 90 х 130 cm
Autumn in the mountainous Crimea, 1997
Oil on canvas; 100 х 100 cm
Autumn morning in an old Gurzuf, 2007
Oil on cardboard; 88 х 91 cm
Lifeboat station
Hardboard, oil; 50 х 70 cm
City by the Sea, 2008
Hardboard, oil; 85 х 90 cm
Hardboard, oil; 35 х 50 cm
Landscape in Krasnolesye, 1994
Oil on canvas; 50 х 62 cm