UTOPIA PROJECT - group of artists, whose main idea is the creation of  the «Utopian» art. They began their practice in 2008 in Odessa.

Members of the group - Andriy Djevaga, Oleg Lubimcev, Ripsime Davtyan, Ivan Stoyanov. All members of the Utopia Project have graduated from South Ukrainian K. D. Ushynsky National Pedagogical University (department of fine arts).

Exhibitions: Group exhibition «Odessa-2008»; Art Fair jpeg (2008); Exhibition «90th anniversary of Odessa film studio – 25 hours».

Artists use different media for creating their artworks. Utopia Project art is very close to pop-surrealism and has some elements of paradoxical psycho glamour.

The Writer аnd his Wife
120 х 72 cm
Lady and her Husband
120 х 74 cm
The Beekeeper and his Wife
120 х 83 cm
Portrait of Schoolgirl with Sign
100 х 100 cm
Portrait of Astronomer's Rabbit with TV
100 x 100 cm
Portrait of Twins
100 х 87 cm
Portrait of Alchemist's Rabbit
100 х 83 cm
Portrait of the Girl sitting on Zil
100 х 75 cm
Portrait of Woman connected to Virtual Reality
100 х 100 cm
Portrait of the Girl in Kokoshnik
100 х 95 cm