Valentina Tsvetkova (1917-2007) was born in Astrakhan, Russia. She graduated from Astrakhan School of Art (1935), worked in society The Painter in Astrakhan (1935-1938).

She was a member of numerous republican and all-USSR exhibitions since 1936 and worked in the studio under House of Art in Saint Petersburg (1938-1940). The artist was a member of Union of Artists of the USSR since 1944, a member on board of the Crimean department of Union of Artists of the USSR (1950-1972). She was rewarded with the orders and medals, was a People’s Artist of Ukraine (1985). Tsvetkova’s works of art reflect all beauty of the Crimean scope. She lived and worked in Yalta.

The Crimean Landscape, 1949
Oil on canvas; 46 х 67 cm