Ivan Trush (1869-1941) was born in Vysotske, Lvov Oblast. He was the author of landscapes, thematic paintings, articles on literature and art.

He studied at the Krakow Academy of Art under Y. Mateiko and Yan Stanislawski (1891-1897). He taught painting at N. Murashko School of Art in Kiev since 1900. Trush founded and organized the first professional art societies in Galicia or Halychyna (a historical region in Western Ukraine): the Society for the Development of Rus Art (1898) and its three exhibitions, the Society of Friends of Ukrainian Art in 1905 and its first Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists which drew participation from Kiev-based artists. Together with Lyudkevich he was publishing the first Ukrainian artistic magazine The Artistic Bulletin (1905).

Rain over fields, 1920th
Oil on cardboard; 36 х 42 cm